A firefighter fell through the ceiling in a large house fire in the Zlín region

HZS Zlínského kraje

Firefighters put out a large fire in a family house in Ludkovice in the Zlín region. Flames spread from the yard to the attic of the building, where one of the firefighters was injured when the ceiling collapsed under him. The rescue team transported the man to the hospital. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

The flames hit the family house in Ludkovice at around 6.30 pm on Monday. Professional and volunteer firefighters with five tankers arrived and declared the 2nd fire alarm out of three possible ones.

“Firefighters revealed with the help of a breathing apparatus that the fire was in a brick annex, where there was a solid fuel boiler and a wood store. The fire had spread to the renovated unoccupied attic, “fire department spokesman Roman Žemlička described the intervention. With the help of four streams of water, the firefighters managed to eliminate the flames, then dismantled the roof and searched for hidden, hot spots using a thermal imaging camera.

During the dismantling of the roof, one professional firefighter was injured after falling through the ceiling that collapsed, “the spokesman said, adding that his injured colleague was transported to a hospital by paramedics. The firefighters did not give further information about the nature and extent of the injuries.

“Police and a fire investigator are working at the scene. Three people and one dog were in the building at the time of the fire. The cause of the fire and the amount of damage are unknown at this time, “Žemlička commented on Tuesday morning.