A Guide to Strawberry Picking in the Czech Republic

Strawberry season is a delight for many, marking the arrival of sunny days and fresh, sweet treats. The Czech Republic offers an abundance of strawberry plantations where you can pick your own fresh strawberries. This hands-on experience is more affordable than buying strawberries at a store and provides a unique and fun activity for families and individuals.

From the beginning of June, Czechs eagerly head out to strawberry plantations to engage in this seasonal activity. The joy of plucking fresh strawberries from the plant is unmatched, and the resulting fruit often tastes far superior to store-bought options. For those interested in partaking in this annual tradition, we’ve compiled a list of strawberry plantations spread across various regions in the Czech Republic, along with the start of the picking season and the cost per kilogram of fresh strawberries.

While picking your own strawberries might be a bit more time-consuming and physically demanding than grabbing a punnet off a shelf, your wallet will surely thank you. Moreover, the commencement of the strawberry picking season and the price per kilogram are regularly updated, ensuring you always have the most current information.

However, it’s important to note that strawberry picking terms are determined by the harvest—the ripening time of the crops and their quantity. Each plantation begins the 2024 season at different times, and prices vary. Due to the differences in the harvests of individual plantations, not all farms have yet published information on the timing and prices of this year’s harvest. Additionally, plantations often pause picking for several days to allow the strawberries to ripen.