A mass accident happened after eight cars collided on the Prague Ring Road


A mass accident involving eight cars occurred on the Prague Ring Road near Jinočany on Saturday morning. According to the first information, nobody was injured. Traffic from Ruzyně to the D1 motorway is in one lane.

The cars collided on the 21st kilometre shortly after 11:00. In addition to the police, rescuers and firefighters from the Smíchov station also went to the scene. “According to the intervention commander, there was a collision of eight vehicles, but it is not necessary to evacuate people,” the firefighters commented.

A special rescue vehicle, Fenix, went  to the scene as a precautionary measure to provide support for the approximately 15 people involved in the accident. Fortunately, there were no injured people at the scene, according to the rescuers.

The section of the Prague ring road between exits 21 Jinočany and 19 Ořech was temporarily impassable. However, after some time, cars could get around the accident using one lane.