A Sneak Peek into the Winter Weather Ahead

The new working week is expected to bring significant weather dynamics. The cold air from the northwest will be replaced by warm southern currents in the middle of the week, only to cool down again for the weekend. Snow tongues drift, and icing will form, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová informed Novinky.

“At the beginning of the week, cold air will flow to us from the northwest; on Tuesday, we will briefly see the influence of high pressure; on Wednesday, we expect warm southern currents in the higher layers of the atmosphere and cold currents will again mark the end of the week,” Honsová said.

Dangerous meteorological winter phenomena will not be missing. By Tuesday, up to 20 cm of snow will fall in the mountains, snow tongues and drifts will form, and on Wednesday and Thursday, there may occasionally be freezing precipitation with ice formation. On the night to Friday icing and frost,” the meteorologist summarized the outlook to the end of the week.

On Monday and Tuesday, the weather character will be similar – variable cloudiness, occasional snowfall or snow showers in the mountains, and wind. On Monday, there will be a fresh westerly wind with gusts of up to 55 km/h, 70 km/h in the mountains, and up to 90 km/h. With snowfall, snow tongues will form and drift in the hills. Morning temperatures will drop to -1 to -6 °C. Afternoon temperatures will reach -2 to 3 °C, but the perceived temperatures will be up to five degrees lower.

On Wednesday, it will be partly cloudy; in places overcast with low clouds, freezing fog will appear occasionally. During the day, cloudiness with snowfall will increase from the southwest, turning into rain or frozen precipitation. Morning temperatures will drop to -3 to -7 °C, with slight cloudiness down to -9 °C. Afternoon temperatures -2 to 5 °C.

Looking ahead to the weekend, we can expect cloudy to partly cloudy weather, with occasional snow showers. Morning temperatures will range from -3 to -7 °C, with slight cloudiness up to -10 °C. Daytime temperatures will range between -2 to 2 °C.