Above-Average Temperatures Expected at the End of October

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) has forecasted above-average temperatures for the end of October and the beginning of November. According to meteorologists, this weather pattern will persist for several weeks, making the transition into November unusually warm. During this period, daytime temperatures are expected to hover around 14°C, with minimum temperatures starting at around 5°C.

Meteorologists anticipate slightly above-normal to normal weather conditions in a monthly outlook spanning four weeks from October 23rd to November 19th. However, it is worth noting that this forecast represents the overall weather pattern and may not account for all possible fluctuations.

While the weather will remain warm until the middle of the first week of November, temperatures will gradually decline. By then, maximum temperatures will reach around 9°C, and minimum temperatures will drop to approximately 2°C. It is also possible that there will be several consecutive days with overnight and morning temperatures below 0°C.

Although precipitation levels are expected to be average or slightly above normal for this period, the distribution is projected to be relatively even throughout the month. The third week, in particular, is anticipated to receive the highest rainfall, making it the wettest week climatologically.

It is important to remember that the monthly outlook provides a general overview of the weather and may not capture all specific variations. The success rate of temperature forecasts is approximately 75%, while precipitation forecasts have an accuracy of around 65%. Estimates for the third and fourth weeks often align closely with long-term climatic norms for the respective periods.