Above-Average Temperatures Expected Until Mid-September

Pleasant temperatures could persist in the Czech Republic until mid-September, according to the forecast from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). Meteorologists anticipate above-average temperatures in the first half of the month, with the rest of September maintaining average or slightly above-average values.

This outlook covers a period of four weeks from September 4th to October 1st.

“After a cooler, temperature-average week, the first and second weeks of the forecast (September 4th to 17th) are expected to be above average. The third and fourth weeks of the forecast are projected to be average to slightly above average,” stated meteorologists.

In the current week, meteorologists expect average daytime temperatures around 26°C, but in the second half of the month, temperatures could rise to a tropical 30°C.

Average temperatures for the second week are expected to hover around 22°C, and in the third and fourth weeks, around 19°C. The weekly average lowest nighttime temperatures should be around 11°C in the first two weeks and around 8°C in the third and fourth weeks.

Regarding precipitation, meteorologists anticipate below-average values throughout this period. “The first week of the forecast is likely to be without precipitation, the second week expects below-average to average, and the third and fourth weeks should be average in terms of precipitation,” reported ČHMÚ.