Accident on Prague Ring Road Closes Traffic in Both Directions


The Prague Ring Road was closed on Wednesday morning due to a severe truck and van accident. The incident occurred at the 2nd kilometer of the Prague Ring Road in the direction of the D5 highway around half past ten. Rescuers immediately responded to the scene and sent a helicopter to assist.

According to the Prague police, the collision resulted in the closure of the Prague Ring Road in both directions near the Vestec exit. The accident caused significant traffic congestion in the surrounding areas, and drivers were advised to avoid the affected section of the road. Unfortunately, one person was trapped at the site of the accident, and rescue workers were working hard to extract them from the wreckage.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety, especially for heavy vehicles like trucks, which can cause severe damage in the event of an accident. The Prague police have not yet released any further details about the accident or the condition of the trapped individual. However, they have urged all drivers to take extra caution when driving on the roads and to comply with all traffic rules and regulations to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of everyone on the road.