Affording a Home: Experts Present a Pre-Banking Solution

The journey to homeownership can be arduous, particularly regarding financing. The tale of potential homeowners who selected a flat in Prague, paid a deposit of 300,000 crowns, and initiated the funding process is familiar. Unfortunately, they could not secure the necessary personal funds within the timeline stipulated by the reservation agreement. Despite their efforts in the bank, a lack of familial support led to the failure of the mortgage, forfeiture of the reservation fee to the brokerage, and incurred penalties for non-utilization of the mortgage.

The past held different views about areas like Karlín and Libeň in Prague. However, after the floods in 2002, the perception shifted, and these areas are now home to some of the most expensive new buildings in the more expansive city center.

It is a commonplace scenario that Martin Machala, the head of Ownest, is all too familiar with. To combat this, Ownest, in collaboration with, offers a solution. They can calculate how high a mortgage people can afford based on their income, advise on monthly repayments, and choose a flat or house from public offerings that fit the proposed budget.

“Many people find a property, start negotiating with the owner, and then deal with the money. It’s wise to reverse this and first know what kind of mortgage the applicant can achieve,” advises Martin Ponzer, director of

Mortgages can be a helpful tool but can also lead to significant hardship. “The mortgage should never be so-called ‘to the blood,'” confirms Vladimír Brůna, the head of B&K Real Estate Investments.

For non-professionals in real estate, it’s now possible to access selling prices of flats in a specific locality collected from the land registry and not rely only on real estate agents’ claims. With the help of a price map available at and actual prices on Bezrealitky. cz by Ownest, people can input their income and expenses. The system then shows the range of mortgages they can apply for and with which banks. It also displays flats for sale and offers a comparison with actual prices. It provides a security rating on the street according to crime statistics, noise level, potential flood risks, transportation accessibility, and the catchment area of primary schools.

All this information, previously scattered across the internet and took considerable time to find, is now conveniently located in one place. With Bezrealitky. cz and Ownest, a client’s ability to repay a mortgage can be assessed in four minutes. This allows potential homeowners to see what kind of housing fits their possibilities.