Afghan children got clothes and legos, and adults got a psychologist

Omar Sobhani

The quarantine ordered for dozens of Afghan collaborators and their families, which they had to enter after arriving in the Czech Republic last week because of the risk of infection, will end this week. They left the country in a hurry with only the bare essentials. What they lacked, representatives of the army or a charity in the Czech Republic found for them. They pay special attention to the children.

“They have toys, crayons, coloring books, puzzles, legos. Our soldiers are helping adults from the psychological service, ” Lieutenant Colonel Vlastimila Cyprisová from the public relations department of the Czech Army said.

Trained teams of civil-military cooperation are trying to make the waiting more pleasant for the Afghans. “Since there are both men and women among the refugees, we have automatically created mixed teams. Children indeed respond better to contact with women, ” Cyprisová said.

Last week, 170 people, including children, were transported to the Czech Republic. Cyprisová said most of her co-workers are familiar with Czech culture, and some can speak Czech.

Therefore, in a difficult situation, the army representatives encourage them and share the uncertainty of the unknown and the current problems. Most Afghan refugees must decide this week whether they want to stay in the Czech Republic permanently or whether they would instead settle in another country.

Charity and volunteers have helped

The Afghan co-workers could not take much on one of the three Czech evacuation planes. Therefore, the missing items, food, and clothing were provided by army employees, volunteers, or charities.

“The Archdiocesan Charity helped a lot by supplying one of the temporary army centers where the Afghan collaborators were accommodated. Army employees have also supplied initial supplies, providing clothes left behind by children, for example, ” Cyprisová said.

Miroslava Pašková, the chairwoman of the Vlčí máky association, is also in contact with several Afghans from the first two flights. She said they were very grateful for the rescue.

“They are happy. I asked them if they needed cosmetics, clothes, SIM cards, or toys and supplies for children. The answer was that they got everything they needed, ” Pašková said.

Between them, the soldiers and veterans also organized several fundraisers for Afghan families.