Airfare Prices Drop, but Fees May Increase

According to the Czech Tourism Authority, 60% of people plan to vacation abroad this year. While rising airfare prices to popular destinations are generally not a concern, average ticket prices have dropped by about 10% year-on-year. However, travellers will pay more for checked baggage and seat reservations.

Airfare prices are highly sensitive to changes in demand and supply. On routes with strong competition, tickets maintain low prices or even decrease. “The average round-trip ticket price is 10% lower this year. Destinations like Croatia and Malta have seen a 15% reduction,” confirmed Pelikan spokesperson Katarina Šuchterová.

Albania has seen the most significant price drop this year, with Pelikan reporting a 250% increase in interest. “This is due to a combination of beaches, mountains, landmarks, affordable prices, new hotels, and transportation investments. The opening of direct flights from Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava, and Košice has boosted interest in Albania,” said Čedok travel agency spokesperson Kateřina Pavlíková.

Budget airlines have also introduced new routes, leading to lower prices. For example, round-trip tickets from Prague to Mallorca are available for around 2,000 CZK. “New cheaper flights from Pardubice to Girona and from Ostrava to Malaga have emerged, and tickets from Prague to Mallorca are appearing at around 2,000 CZK,” noted Jan Pavelka, founder of Honzovy letenky.

Despite these lower ticket prices, additional services such as baggage, seat selection, and priority boarding continue to rise in cost. “For most low-cost airlines, revenue from these sales is practically the same, sometimes even higher than revenue from ticket sales,” Pavelka added. For instance, a round-trip ticket from Prague to Mallorca may cost 2,600 CZK, but a 10 kg bag will cost an additional 850 CZK, and a 20 kg bag will cost 600 CZK.

Looking ahead, a 10% increase in prices for long-haul flights is expected this fall, and prices in premium travel classes are also likely to rise. “Long-haul routes are expected to see a 10% price increase this fall, and premium travel class prices are likely to grow,” concluded Letuš director Josef Trejbal.