ANO in Prague Proposes One Billion for School Cooks

ANO’s leader in Prague, Patrik Nacher, is proposing an allocation of one billion crowns in the city’s budget to address the low wages of school cooks and cleaners. If approved, this could significantly help schools in the area.

The city council aims to provide schools with 700 million crowns, including teachers’ funds. However, the financial status of these schools will only be known by the end of January. Any further financing would then be considered in February, as stated by the Councillor for Education, Antonín Klecanda.

It would then be up to the school directors to decide how the funds they receive from the city are utilized. They could be used for contributions to teachers’ salaries, janitors, cleaners, cooks, or assistants. If the opposition proposes to increase this amount for schools, according to Klecanda, they should indicate where they plan to get the money from.

ANO plans to give about one billion crowns directly for the salaries of non-teaching staff. Nacher’s proposal will be discussed by the Council of Representatives on Monday and is expected to be proposed during the budget deliberations for the next year on December 14th.

In conclusion, this proposal aims to help balance the wages of non-teaching staff in schools throughout Prague. Although it’s not a long-term solution, it’s a step towards addressing the low wage level of non-teaching staff.