Anytime Launches Shared Gas Scooters in Prague


The shared scooter scene in Prague is seeing a twist with the introduction of gas-powered scooters by the Italian company Anytime. The company has decided to dip its toes into this business after BeRider’s exit from Skoda Auto and Poland’s Blinkee, both of which offered electric scooters. This week, Anytime has put 60 scooters on the streets of Prague, equipped with less common traditional gasoline engines.

Anytime, previously known for operating shared Toyota cars, has expanded its offer to include inexpensive Chinese scooters, Yuki 125i Via and Yuki 125i Matrix. Users can find and start the scooter with a mobile application. The basic tariff is five crowns per minute. The Via model offers two helmets in the trunk, while the Matrix model provides one.

These scooters can be driven with authorization from the age of 16. At present, in Prague, the Antees company operates shared electric scooters, which are modified by former BeRiders. The service targets courier delivery services, a market that Anytime does not plan to enter with its scooters.

“Our users especially appreciate not having to purchase an expensive vehicle and take care of its equally demanding operation. They do not have to pay for fuel, compulsory insurance, service, or tyre replacement,” said Anytime’s director, Milan Beutl.

Shared scooters are popular in the major cities of Europe, such as Berlin in Germany and Barcelona in Spain. There, shared scooters from more than five different operators can be seen. The electric drive is typical with respect to ecology and noise. The advantage of a classic gasoline scooter over an electric one could be a slightly higher speed, longer range, or easier refuelling.