Artificial Intelligence Writes Press Release for Czech Energy Company ČEZ

Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing, and the latest proof of this is the press release from ČEZ that is now available to newsrooms.

ČEZ used the ChatGPT AI, developed relatively recently, in November last year. As a result, media representatives have the historically first press release from the company written by a robot.

ČEZ spokesperson Ladislav Kříž told that people need not worry about job losses. The message, which we will present in total, was written by the AI without any errors, except for a few attempts.

Human supervision is necessary

“The robot completely writes this report, but this is the fifth version. It always writes a different text; of course, we were unsatisfied with it. There were some errors and so on. Human supervision was there, but we did not want to edit the text. The errors were factual, and we did not find any grammatical errors,” said Ladislav Kříž to the editorial staff.

“For now, human supervision is still entirely necessary. As I said, there were many versions. At one point, the program had two different values for two inputs, which led us to question where it got those values. It told us it made them up because it couldn’t find them anywhere. But at least it was honest…,” added the ČEZ spokesperson.