Babiš awards medal to soldiers for their services during the pandemic

Photo: Novinky

Dozens of soldiers will receive medals at Vítkov in Prague to help fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Andrej Babiš (ANO), the prime minister in resignation, will award them the Karel Kramář medal. The honor is awarded as a token of gratitude for demonstrable service in the Czech Republic. Representatives of the outgoing government also want to thank the army for its deployment. 

Thousands of Czech soldiers have been involved in dealing with the pandemic since its start. They’ve been tasked with delivering supplies, guarding closed borders, and helping organize elections.

Most remembered are their service in hospitals and welfare facilities, their participation in testing, vaccination, tracing, or their involvement in the so-called Smart Quarantine project.

Soldiers have been helping mostly in understaffed hospitals because of the enormous pressure since last fall. After a quiet summer, they rejoined them in mid-November. At present, more than 300 soldiers are working in about seventy facilities.