Back to School Shopping: Rising Costs of School Supplies in Czech Republic

As summer ends, parents are beginning to prepare for the upcoming school year in the Czech Republic. However, they may pay significantly more this year for their children’s school supplies. According to various stores and online retailers, prices for school supplies have increased by up to 10% compared to last year.

Parents can expect to pay hundreds of koruna more for basic school supplies, such as backpacks, notebooks, and pens. The average cost for an essential backpack for a first-grader is around 3,000 koruna, according to František Brož, a spokesperson for the online retailer Koší Globus reports a 5-10% increase in the cost of school supplies, while Tesco reports a 10% increase.

The price comparison website Zboží.cz has recorded a 13.3% increase in the cost of notebooks, 14.5% in the cost of children’s sports shoes, and 10% in shoe bags and lunch boxes. However, the prices for school supplies vary depending on the retailer. They can range from 471 to 1,916 koruna for backpacks, 125 to 475 koruna for pens, and 99 to 613 koruna for lunch boxes, according to Petra Dvořáková, a spokesperson for Zboží.cz.

Despite the rising costs, some parents are determined to save money by purchasing cheaper school supplies or reusing last year’s supplies. According to a financial services company Provident Financial survey, over 27% of parents admit they will need to save money on school supplies this year.

The increased cost of school supplies is not just a financial burden for parents but also affects socially disadvantaged families. However, Lukáš Kovanda, an economist, estimates that the Czech government can financially assist low-income families with school-related expenses. He advises parents to inquire with their local employment office about the maximum amount of financial aid they can receive to help cover the cost of school supplies and extracurricular activities.