Barrandovský Bridge Reopens After Repairs


The Barrandovský Bridge in Prague has been under repair since May and reopened to traffic. The repair work was completed ahead of schedule, with the bridge opening to drivers on Saturday evening rather than the planned Sunday. The work included repairs to the southern half of the bridge and the ramp from K Barrandovu Street.

The bridge, built in 1983 and part of the city’s ring road, is one of the busiest in Prague. It sees about 140,000 cars daily, making it a vital artery of the town. The repair work, which cost CZK 594.5 million, was spread over several years and only occurred during certain parts of the year.

The repairs to the bridge were necessary due to the high traffic volume and the structure’s age. The work included resurfacing the road at the point where it meets K Barrandovu Street, as well as making structural changes to the bridge’s approach ramps.

Completing the repairs is excellent news for the residents of Prague, who have had to deal with heavy traffic and long delays due to the bridge’s closure. The project was managed by the Technical Road Administration and was completed with minimal disruption to traffic.

The repairs to the Barrandovský Bridge exemplify the importance of maintaining and updating infrastructure to keep cities running smoothly. The repair work will ensure that the bridge continues to serve the citizens of Prague for many years to come.

In conclusion, the reopening of the Barrandovský Bridge is a significant milestone for Prague. The successful completion of the repairs will allow the city’s residents to rely again on this crucial transportation link. The Technical Road Administration is to be commended for managing the project, which was completed ahead of schedule and with minimal disruption to traffic.