Boosting Children’s Health and Development: Czech Insurance Companies Support Sports and Outdoor Activities

In an effort to promote health and foster children’s development, Czech insurance companies are taking a significant step. They are extending their support to defray the costs of various sports activities, camps, and nature schools, which are often organized by schools and sports clubs. These activities, while beneficial for children, can be quite expensive, especially in the case of ski courses. Parents often struggle to meet these costs, hence the financial assistance from insurance companies comes as a much-needed relief.

Not all sports activities are covered by all insurance companies, so it’s important for parents to verify on the insurance company’s website whether their child’s sport is accepted. For instance, some insurance companies might not reimburse certain activities such as chess or boxing.

The Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company (ČPZP), for example, contributes up to 1500 crowns depending on the type of program. They provide full support for summer camps, including suburban ones, and contribute 1000 crowns for swimming courses for children under ten years old. The insurance company also provides 500 crowns for sports clubs for children from three years old, as well as for school and kindergarten in nature and ski training lasting at least four days.

Meanwhile, the General Health Insurance Company (VZP), the largest Czech health insurance company, offers a contribution of 2000 crowns for physical activities of children and young people up to 18 years old. This can be used to cover regular sports activities held at schools, kindergartens, youth houses, associations, clubs and more. Children up to one year old can also have their organized swimming or bathing paid for from the contribution.

In conclusion, this initiative by Czech insurance companies not only aids in reducing the financial burden on parents but also encourages children to participate in sports and outdoor activities, promoting their overall development and well-being.