Border Crossing to Give Way to Highway

The border crossing building in Mikulov, Czech Republic, which had been serving increased traffic needs on the Czech-Austrian border since the fall of the Iron Curtain, is set to be demolished. The decision was made due to the building’s obsolescence and its impending demolition by construction workers during the completion of the highway.

The customs house has stood for thirty years but has slowly fallen into disrepair in recent years. The need for such a large structure on the border was rendered unnecessary with the introduction of the Schengen Agreement. For several years, customs officers appeared occasionally to perform random checks. The migration crisis and subsequent measures against the spread of COVID-19 brought police back to the border for a longer time, who use a small part of the complex as needed. The decision about the building has already fallen – it will go to the ground. The Directorate of Roads and Highways, as the current owner of the complex, does not count on its preservation.

The redevelopment of the area is planned in connection with the construction of the missing section of the D52 highway, said the spokeswoman for the Directorate of Roads and Highways, Lucie Trubelíková. But in this case, the term redevelopment does not hide the reconstruction of an extensive building, including a basement with warehouses and facilities. “After the demolition of the original border crossing building, we will subsequently build a new facility for the Police of the Czech Republic,” said the spokeswoman.

Simultaneously creating a bypass of Mikulov, the highway will head around the town in a new location. The existing route of the I/52 road will serve for access to Mikulov and travel on the I/40 road to Břeclav. A flyover will connect it to the highway, and three roundabouts will be created. They will also provide access to parking and places that police will use. There will be two, one for each direction of travel on the highway.

The demolition will be part of construction 5206, which includes a section of the highway from the Nové Mlýny reservoirs to the state border, 10.7 kilometers long. Mikulov will be connected to the communication by two entrances. The road will cross the salt marsh and the railway line from Břeclav to Znojmo, with an overpass between them.

The spokesperson could not specify when the machinery will start demolishing the building. The construction of the highway has been dramatically delayed. At the same time, the Austrians have completed the necessary parts and are waiting for the last pieces for the Czech construction; the preparation of the building in the Czech Republic has been stuck for years. If the current plans of the road manager are fulfilled, the construction of the section from the lakes to the border should start in 2026, with a completion date in 2029.