Bringing Books to Seniors’ Doorsteps: Prague 3 Libraries’ Special Service

In Prague, librarians from the city’s libraries on Prague 3 are going the extra mile to deliver books to senior readers with health issues in their homes. This valuable service is free of charge, with one condition: the seniors must reside within a 15-minute distance from the library.

Prague 3 is fortunate to have two city libraries, one on Husitská Street and the other on Za Žižkovskou vozovnou Street. These libraries offer an excellent opportunity for people with health problems to use the convenient book delivery service. This service is designed to benefit individuals over 70 who may face mobility challenges, making it difficult to visit the library in person to borrow books. However, it is essential for the seniors who wish to avail themselves of this service to live within 15-minute proximity of the designated library.

The book delivery service operates through telephone arrangements with the librarians. Senior readers are presented with a choice of five books to select from. For those seniors who are comfortable using modern technology, an e-reader is made available. In addition, a program called KnihDoKaps is tailored explicitly for e-readers and offers training sessions to enhance the reading experience. The city library’s electronic book collection encompasses various genres, including detective novels, non-fiction literature, and poetry.

The city library in Vozovna Street, Za Žižkovskou vozovnou, goes the extra mile in providing additional activities for seniors as part of the Fresh Senior project. These activities include lectures, workshops, memory training courses, and other thematic events aimed at engaging and enriching the lives of senior citizens.

Jana Baierová, from the communication department of the Prague City Library, shared, “In September, we organized a fascinating guided tour of interesting places in Žižkov in collaboration with a local gardener, the municipal greenery administration, and the third municipal district.”

Prague 3 is committed to caring for its senior residents and ensuring they have spaces to connect and engage. The city library allows seniors to organize and participate in activities such as book clubs, reading sessions, handicraft courses, and more.

Furthermore, the city library aspires to revive its collaboration with the Remedium civic association. In the past, colleagues would deliver book donations to seniors associated with the association, further enhancing the reading experience and supporting the well-being of older people.

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