Brno’s Futuristic Hub: Unveiling the Multifunctional Arena Project

On Monday, construction kicked off at the Brno exhibition grounds for a multifunctional hall accommodating 13,000 spectators. While primarily serving the ice hockey club Kometa Brno, the arena will host various events. The construction budget is estimated at 4.5 billion CZK, with a timeline of 33 months.

The arena aims to provide modern facilities for cultural, sports, trade, and congress events. Though the estimated construction cost is 4.5 billion CZK, Brno representatives planned financing with a reserve of almost six billion CZK. The municipal company Arena Brno will operate the facility.

“It’s another investment that broadens Brno’s possibilities. The hall will be linked to the Brno exhibition grounds and is expected to significantly expand Brno’s options, attracting visitors who currently have to go elsewhere for sports or culture. It’s another step towards making Brno more visible and bigger,” Prime Minister Petr Fiala stated during the cornerstone-laying ceremony.

Mayor Markéta Vaňková termed Monday the most significant day in her political career, marking the beginning of the construction, the largest in recent years. She highlighted the transformation of the exhibition grounds and the upcoming urban ring road, tram loop, and the planned cable car to the Brno campus in Bohunice.

However, the opposition disagrees with the construction of the arena. Critics call it a financial burden, while supporters anticipate its positive impact on Brno’s appeal and activities.