Chilling Weekend: Snowfall Expected Beyond the Mountains

The upcoming weekend is expected to bring about a chill along with numerous showers, as reported by meteorologist Dagmar Honsová. Snowflakes could appear not just at higher altitudes but also in lower-lying areas.

“The extended weekend will be marked by cooling,” said Honsová, adding that there would also be a lot of cloud cover and precipitation. She further explained that the snowline would quickly decrease on Friday, and it’s not ruled out that snowflakes might temporarily appear even in the lowest areas.

Thanks to an offshoot of higher air pressure, Thursday’s weather will initially be mainly clear, later becoming overcast or cloudy, especially in the northern part of the territory with rain or showers, which should be snowy on the mountaintops. Temperatures are expected to range between 7 and 11 °C.

Weather on Friday should continue with heavy cloud cover accompanied by rain or showers, which will turn into snowfall in the mountains. As significant cooling is expected during the day, the boundary for rain with snow will move to medium altitudes. Morning lows will drop to 5 to 0 °C. In the afternoon, temperatures will only range between 2 and 4 °C, with the wind chill making it feel even colder.

“Overcast or cloudy skies are expected on Saturday, with occasional rain or showers, from medium altitudes rain with snow or snowfall,” described Honsová. Windy conditions are expected; morning lows often range between 3 and -2 °C. Daytime temperatures will reach 2 to 7 °C.

The forecast for Monday and Tuesday promises continuing cloudy to overcast skies, occasionally with rain or showers, and temperatures between 8 and 12 °C. Morning lows will drop to 5 to 1 °C on Monday; on Tuesday, they should range between 7 and 3 °C.