Christmas Feasts More Expensive Than Last Year

This Christmas, Czech households are expected to spend an average of around 3500 koruna on food. This will be up to 500 koruna more than last year for approximately a third of them.

This data comes from a survey by the online supermarket Koší According to the study, around a fifth of households spend around five thousand koruna on food, while more than a third plan to spend up to three thousand. However, six percent of families must manage within a thousand koruna.

Czechs agree that they will pay more due to higher food prices. A maximum of 500 koruna wants to spend 33 percent of households; an extra thousand will prepare 32 percent, and more than a third of Czechs expect their food spending to increase by more than a thousand koruna.

Zuzana Magálová, speaking for the server, notes that “the fact that households are saving can be seen basically at every step.” According to her, the discount section has long been one of the most visited places on this website.

Interestingly, the survey also revealed that the main course of the Christmas Eve dinner is changing. Diners will usually have several options. The most common dish on the holiday table will not be carp but chicken schnitzel. It will be preferred by 58 percent of households, while the traditional fish remains 51 percent. More than a third of people will also enjoy pork schnitzel.

Other dishes that made it into the top ten favorites besides fish and schnitzels were mainly meatless. Vegetarian schnitzels or meatballs are prepared by four percent of households, and the surprising jumpers of the year were fried cheese, which three percent of people will have, and sushi, which only one percent of households crave.