Covid-19: The Leading Infection in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic stands on the brink of a respiratory disease epidemic, with Covid-19 playing a significant role. The virus is confirmed daily in approximately two thousand people. However, compared to previous years, most patients endure the disease without serious complications requiring hospitalization.

Considering the ongoing doctors ‘ protest, the current strain on the healthcare system is a positive aspect. An influx of patients could severely burden hospitals operating under modified conditions.

“The disease incidence is slightly higher than usual for this time of year. Respiratory infections are spreading earlier this year,” says Jan Kynčl, an epidemiologist at the National Health Institute. “Covid is dominant, but it doesn’t fill hospitals. It’s becoming one of many respiratory viruses,” he adds, noting that we are not yet dealing with an epidemic.

The number of acute respiratory infections in the Czech Republic is 1,457 per 100,000 inhabitants. An epidemic is declared when this figure exceeds 1,600 to 1,700 sick.

Despite every second individual showing symptoms of the disease testing positive for COVID-19, this is not reflected in the burden on hospitals. On Monday, approximately 550 patients were hospitalized with Covid, with around 40 in intensive care units. The situation was similar in hospitals at the end of last year and this spring.

“Please don’t be ashamed of wearing masks!” says Kynčl, emphasizing the importance of being considerate towards others. “It’s not a sign of unnecessary panic; it’s not shameful. On the contrary, it says you are considerate of your surroundings.” He also maintains that it is still a suitable time to get vaccinated against COVID-19, influenza, or pneumococci.