Czech Automotive Industry Witnesses 11.5% Growth in Car Production

The Czech automotive industry has experienced significant growth in car production over the past three quarters, with a remarkable increase of 11.5%. According to recent reports by the Association of the Automotive Industry, the total production of passenger cars in the Czech Republic reached 1.018 million units, surpassing the one-million mark a month earlier than the previous year. Most of these cars, accounting for over 92% of the production, were exported to international markets, with 939,716 vehicles reaching customers worldwide. The export volume has witnessed a substantial increase of 10.7% compared to the previous year, while domestic sales rose by more than one-fifth.

The rise in car production reflects the resilience and vitality of the Czech automotive industry, especially in the face of challenges such as the unprecedented floods and natural disasters that affected suppliers. Despite disruptions in production at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kolin and Skoda Auto in Kvasiny and Mlada Boleslav caused by these unforeseen events, the Czech automotive industry managed to manufacture over one million vehicles in the first nine months of this year. This achievement, surpassing the significant milestone a month earlier than the previous year, clearly demonstrates the industry’s return to pre-crisis performance, as stated by Martin Jahn, the President of the Association of the Automotive Industry.

In addition to the growth in traditional car production, the Czech Republic has also witnessed a surge in the manufacturing of electric vehicles. During the same period, 134,324 electric cars were produced, representing a 13.2% share of domestic automotive production. This includes 97,992 electric vehicles and 36,332 plug-in hybrids. The increasing focus on electric mobility highlights the industry’s commitment to sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the prominence of Czech automakers in the global market is evident with the return of Skoda Auto to Kazakhstan. Skoda Auto, the largest domestic automaker, is set to assemble four models in the country, further expanding its international presence. This strategic move will enable Skoda to cater to the growing demand for its vehicles in Kazakhstan and strengthen its position in the Central Asian market.

Apart from Skoda Auto, other domestic automakers also experienced production growth. Nošovice-based Hyundai witnessed a 4.7% increase in production, manufacturing 254,300 vehicles, including 31,988 purely electric cars and 21,673 plug-in hybrid vehicles. These figures accounted for 21% of the total output.

On the other hand, Kolín-based Toyota faced lower production values due to temporary shutdowns, including the latest disruption caused by a fire at its plastic parts supplier, Novares. Toyota manufactured 129,638 vehicles, reflecting a 17.3% decline compared to the previous year. The bus manufacturing sector observed a 5.5% decrease in production, with 3,648 cars produced. Tatra Trucks, the sole manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the Association of the Automotive Industry, experienced a slight increase in production, manufacturing 959 vehicles during the first three quarters of this year.