Czech Bees Survived This Year! Your Honey Supply is Secured.

Czech beekeepers were less harmed last winter than they were the year before. Scientists from the Departments of Biochemistry and Geoinformatics at Palacký University in Olomouc confirm that only 15 % of hives did not survive the winter.

The biggest losses are reported by beekeepers in the Pardubice region and in the Vysočina region. 

“According to questionnaires of 1745 respondents, we have information on 26,592 beehives this year. In summary, for the whole of the Czech Republic, this year’s losses of production hives were 14.5 percent. Unlike last year, when Czech beekeepers were plagued by extensive deaths, this year’s losses were lower overall, “said Jiří Danihlík ​​from the Department of Biochemistry.