Border Controls with Slovakia Extended until November 2nd

Václav Šálek

The Czech government has decided to extend random border controls with Slovakia beyond October 13th. The initial ten-day measure has been prolonged for an additional 20 days until November 2nd, according to Vice Prime Minister Vít Rakušan of the STAN party. Since last Wednesday, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria have implemented these border controls on the Slovakian border.

These controls aim to reduce the number of migrants illegally entering their territory, as most intend to continue westward. In response, the outgoing Slovak government has also introduced controls on its borders with Hungary, which have been extended until November 3rd.

These periodic controls on the Czech-Slovak border occur once a year. Last year, they were established in late September due to an influx of migrants and lasted until early February. Rakušan states that the Czech decision aligns with the actions taken by neighboring countries.

“To prevent the Czech Republic from becoming an incentive for migration flows, we have decided to extend border protection for an additional 20 days until November 2nd,” said Rakušan.

According to him, these border controls with Slovakia will cost 53.4 million CZK. As of Monday, the police have apprehended 283 migrants and 12 smugglers.

The extension of border controls is a response to the ongoing challenges posed by irregular migration and aims to ensure the security and management of the Czech-Slovak border. By coordinating efforts with neighboring countries, the Czech Republic intends to discourage illegal migration and maintain the integrity of its borders.

The decision to extend the border controls reflects the government’s commitment to safeguarding national security and addressing irregular migration concerns. While these measures may inconvenience travelers, they are deemed necessary to manage the flow of people and maintain order effectively.

The Czech government will continue to monitor the situation closely and evaluate the effectiveness of these measures. The extension of border controls until November 2nd underscores the importance placed on border security and the commitment to addressing migration challenges in a comprehensive and responsible manner.