Czech Food Prices Rise, Except for Milk and Butter

A recent report by the Czech Statistical Office revealed that the prices of many staple foods have continued to rise compared to last year. However, the increases have not been as dramatic as in previous years, with potatoes and sugar being the exceptions. The average consumer prices show that milk has decreased by almost a third and butter by a fifth. There has also been a slight decrease in the price of beef.

On the other hand, the average price of potatoes has skyrocketed by almost 65% and sugar by 43%. Bread, beer, pork, and eggs have all experienced price hikes within the ten percent range. Interestingly, while butter, milk, and margarine have become more affordable, chicken cutlets and pickling cucumbers have seen a decline in their prices.

However, the most significant price increase has been observed in potatoes, which have risen by a staggering 78% on average. Last year, a kilogram of potatoes could be purchased for 8.90 CZK, while this year, it costs 14.90 CZK. Other items that have become more expensive compared to last year include onions, grapes, fruit syrups, and sweet pastries.

According to an agricultural analyst, the prices of eggs and dairy products have stabilized, but there is a possibility that pork prices may continue to rise. Official statistics confirm that Czech farmers are reducing their merits; however, they have limited influence over the prices on store shelves. The prices are affected by various factors, including the costs and markups of food processors, transportation, storage, and, most importantly, the markups of retail chains.

It is now up to the stores to reduce their markups and help customers afford essential food items. Given these complexities, it is difficult to predict the future trends in food prices.