Czech Government Allocates 215.8 Billion Koruna for Supersonic Aviation

The Czech government has approved the allocation of 215.8 billion koruna for maintaining and developing the country’s supersonic aviation until 2036. The amount includes funding for F-35 fighter jets and leasing currently used gripens.

The plan, “Maintenance and Development of Supersonic Aviation Capabilities II,” outlines the maximum framework for planned expenditures on Czech supersonic aviation until 2036. The 215.8 billion koruna allocation includes leasing of gripens until 2035, purchasing 24 F-35 aircraft, and spending on constructing immovable infrastructure.

Much of the amount is also reserved for exchange rate fluctuations and other financial and material risks. The total amount cannot be exceeded but must not be thoroughly exhausted.

The government approved the purchase of 24 fifth-generation F-35 aircraft at the end of September, budgeting 150 billion koruna for this. According to previous statements by Defense Minister Jana Černochová, the amount also includes all expenses for preparing operations in the Czech Republic, such as infrastructure, fuel, or personnel preparation.

The first fighter jets are expected to be ready by 2029, with all 24 aircraft scheduled to be in the Czech Republic by 2035. These American fighter jets will replace 14 leased JAS-39 Gripen fighters and, in the future, 24 L-159 aircraft.

The Czech Republic is also negotiating with Sweden about extending the lease of 14 gripens for a transitional period until 2035. Their lease, costing 1.7 billion annually, ends in 2027.