Czech Koruna Hits Lowest Value Against Euro Since Spring 2022

The Czech koruna has weakened to its lowest value against the euro since the spring of 2022. On Friday, the currency fell to 24.97 against the euro, losing 14 hellers in a day. This represents the highest rate since May 2022.

The koruna’s drop against the US dollar was even more significant. It lost 18 hellers, resulting in a value of 23.11 per dollar. This information comes from data reported on the Patria Online server.

The fall against the dollar is steeper compared to the euro. In July of the previous year, the exchange rate for the American currency hovered just above 21 koruna per dollar. By the end of November, it had already risen to approximately 22 koruna per dollar. Now, it stands even higher by more than one koruna.

The Czech currency began to rise against the euro in the second half of 2022. The most robust exchange rate occurred in April 2023, when it reached 23.23 koruna per euro. However, after that, the koruna started to weaken again. At the end of November last year, the exchange rate was 24.26 CZK/EUR, which means that it has increased by 71 hellers to the mentioned 24.97 in two months.

The last time the koruna was weaker against the euro was at the beginning of May 2022, at 25 koruna per euro.