Czech Lawmakers Fine-Tune Car Insurance Rules to Prevent Misuse by Insurers

Czech lawmakers have proposed changes to the law regarding liability insurance from vehicle operations. The new legislation aims to expand the scope of vehicles for which insurance is mandatory and increase the minimum insurance limit from 35 million to 50 million korunas. The proposed changes come amid concerns that the existing limit may not be sufficient in cases of severe health damage.

The newly proposed law aims to extend insurance obligations to various vehicles, including electric scooters. The amendment is part of an ongoing effort to keep pace with the evolving transportation landscape, which has seen a surge in the use of such electric vehicles.

Members of the economic committee of the Chamber of Deputies have recommended the law’s approval, suggesting the addition of several clarifying provisions. Among the points to be clarified is the causal link between the vehicle’s technical condition and the accident. Insurance companies will be required to prove that the motorist violated the vehicle’s technical condition obligations and thereby caused the damage.

The committee also suggested making more transparent the provision that allows insurance companies to claim back money from the motorist, which the insurer had previously paid out as compensation for damage to the victim. In such a case, the insurance company must prove that the motorist violated obligations regarding the vehicle’s technical condition and thus caused the damage.

According to the original government proposal, the law was set to take effect on December 23 of this year. However, the committee recommended postponing the effective date to the first day of the second calendar month after the law is published in the collection of rules. With these changes, lawmakers aim to ensure that the regulations surrounding vehicle insurance are fair, robust, and able to meet the challenges of the evolving transportation landscape.