Czech play “Hra na schovávanou” wins big at the Czech Grand Design awards

The Czech Grand Design awards took place on March 21st, 2023, to honor Czech arts and culture’s best achievements. Among the winners was the play “Hra na schovávanou” (“Hide and Seek”), which won in the “Theater Production of the Year” category.

The play is an adaptation of a novel by Czech author Jáchym Topol and tells the story of a group of children who play hide and seek during the chaos of the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The play’s director, Jan Frič, aimed to capture the era’s spirit and show how the events of the time affected the lives of ordinary people.

Despite stiff competition from other well-received productions, the jury praised “Hra na schovávanou” for its creativity, originality, and emotional depth. “This play managed to capture the essence of a defining moment in our history while still being relevant and engaging for contemporary audiences,” said jury member Eva Hrušková.

The “Theater Production of the Year” award was one of many handed out at the Czech Grand Design awards. Other winners included the film “Zrádci” (“Traitors”), which won “Film of the Year,” and the artist Petr Nikl, who won “Visual Art of the Year.”

Overall, the awards ceremony celebrated the vibrant and diverse cultural scene in the Czech Republic. The director of the winning play, Jan Frič, expressed his joy and gratitude for the award, stating that it would help to bring more attention to the incredible work being done in the Czech theater.

The Czech Grand Design awards serve as a reminder of the richness and vitality of Czech arts and culture, and with talented artists and creative productions like “Hra na schovávanou,” the future of Czech culture looks bright.