Czech Post Announces Tender for Building in Jindřišská, Starting Price at 1.538 Billion

Czech Post has announced a competitive tender for the main post office building at the corner of Politických vězňů and Jindřišská in Prague. The starting price is 1.538 billion Czech korunas, excluding VAT. Before the tender, an offer was made to state institutions at the estimated cost of 1.325 billion CZK, but it went unused. The proposal was published by the Czech Post on their website.

The competitive tender will be conducted using the sealed envelope method, with the City of Prague having the right to match the highest bid. The main post office branch in Jindřišská Street will be preserved, and the new owner will be required to enter into a lease agreement with the post office.

The building was constructed between 1871 and 1890, with its first major renovation between 1896 and 1899. Additional significant renovations occurred between 1912 and 1920-1921. The valuation of the property, which served as the basis for the starting price calculation, was based on these renovations. From 1996 to 1999, the building underwent a complete reconstruction.

The Czech Post is selling the building, which currently houses the company’s management, along with a house on Moravská Street, for 62.39 million korunas. The City of Prague has expressed interest in this property, as well as the building in Politických vězňů, in the past.

So far this year, Czech Post has generated over 200 million korunas from the sale of unnecessary assets. The company plans to offer dozens of surplus properties by the end of the year, including post office buildings, administrative buildings, land, and apartments.

The sale of properties is part of Czech Post’s efforts to stabilize its finances. Last year, the company reported a loss of 1.7 billion CZK, and a similar decline is expected this year. Within two years, the companThento a branch operator and commercial parcel center.