Czech Post Expands Delivery Options with Home Parcel Boxes

Czech Post has recently introduced an innovative service that allows parcels to be delivered directly to home parcel boxes. Despite reducing the number of branches and extending the delivery time for letters, this new service provides customers with more convenient options. By the end of the year, these boxes are expected to also be able to send parcels.

Home parcel boxes resemble larger mailboxes with a slot for inserting letters. However, they require a PIN code input on a keypad to open. If suitable space is available, these boxes can be installed at family homes or apartment buildings. Multiple households can share a single box if they trust each other.

“This service is already operational, and residents of houses equipped with home parcel boxes can start using their benefits. Advantages include 24/7 availability, allowing users to pick up parcels anytime without going anywhere,” said Czech Post spokesperson Ivo Vysoudil.

Currently, the delivery process involves sending the box’s PIN to the courier, after which the user can change the PIN. Sending parcels from these boxes is not yet available, but Czech Post plans to launch this feature later this year. The feature will be supported by a mobile app, and some boxes will even be able to print address labels.

In the Czech Republic, home parcel boxes are primarily manufactured by OX Point in Pelhřimov, a subsidiary of Conteg Group, and Furtodo in Ostrava. These boxes are not cheap, with smaller versions costing around five thousand Czech korunas. Manufacturers also promise cooled boxes for delivering groceries from e-shops, which will be significantly more expensive.

Suppliers of these boxes, in collaboration with developers, are targeting new apartment buildings where such boxes could become standard in the future. However, installing home parcel boxes in older apartment buildings may face challenges such as limited space, safety regulations, or objections from conservationists.