Czech Post Saves One Branch in Pardubice

On Tuesday, the city council of Pardubice met with representatives of the Czech Post to discuss the announced closures of post offices in the Pardubice area. Seven branches were to be closed, but at least one post office will remain open in the fifth and third city districts. Instead, the post office at the train station will be closed.

The list of post offices planned for closure in Pardubice included branches on Jana Zajíce Street, Na Drážce Street, Dukelských hrdinů Square, Jana Palacha Street, Dražkovice, as well as Komenského and Generála Svobody Streets.

“For example, the closure of the post office on Jana Palacha Street would cause significant complications for our residents. This would not only eliminate all branches in the fifth city district but also, this post office would be easily accessible by public transportation and is barrier-free. In the case of the Jana Palacha post office, we do not see any reason to close it,” said Mayor Jan Nadrchal (ANO), who believes that leaving the entire city district without a single post office is not an option.

Specifically, an agreement was reached in Pardubice to close the Czech Post branch at the train station and keep the post office on Jana Palacha Street open.

The Na Drážce branch will also be maintained. The planned closures in Pardubice will be reduced from seven to six. Thanks to this negotiation, at least one unit will be held in each city district with a post office,” added Nadrchal.