Czech Post to Launch Parcel Pickup Boxes in Homes

Stanislava Benešová

The Czech Post has been working on new initiatives to enhance its services. After closing many of its branches last summer to save costs, the company is set to launch unique benefits next year. One such service includes the delivery of parcels to pickup boxes located in residential and apartment buildings. Additionally, they plan to facilitate the application process for certain social benefits at their branches.

The company is not planning to shut down any more branches but, instead, is considering converting some of them to Partner Posts. This shift is not only intended for rural areas but will also be implemented in urban regions. “We plan to offer shared and private parcel boxes for homeowners or apartment buildings, where they can be placed in vestibules,” said Balíkovna’s director, Lukáš Rampas, at a seminar in the Chamber of Deputies.

The Parcel Service division of the company is expected to be separated from the state enterprise within two years and will operate purely commercially. It also plans to introduce a mobile app to manage all its services and aims to provide more precise information regarding parcel delivery down to the specific hour.

The branches’ customers can also expect new services. The Czech Post plans to accept and dispatch parcels from other postal operators and offer financial assistance for banks at its branches, such as cash withdrawals in areas where ATMs are scarce.

Furthermore, thanks to advanced negotiations with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the amendment to the social support law, which deputies are set to discuss in the third reading, people can apply for benefits at post office branches. The company will thus take over part of the agenda from the labor offices. This might include allowances for housing or funeral expenses.

The Czech Post foresees a bright future with these new initiatives, promising convenience and improved customer services.