Czech Prime Minister Acknowledges High Energy Prices But Disputes Flawed Statistics

Ondřej Deml

The Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, from the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), has acknowledged that energy prices are not low in the country following a meeting with energy suppliers. However, he added that there is no risk of significant price increases. The meeting primarily focused on statistics showing that gas prices have increased the most in the Czech Republic compared to the rest of the European Union (EU) over the last year.

The Prime Minister dedicated the whole press conference to the issue of allegedly flawed statistics. At the end of the meeting, he only mentioned high energy prices, which have been a concern for people, in response to a journalist’s question. Fiala claimed that the prices are not low, but there is no threat of significant increases, which the country faced in August and September last year.

The Prime Minister noted that prices have decreased, influenced by European measures such as joint gas purchases and seeking alternative suppliers. According to him, it is also a reality that suppliers offer energy prices well below the government-approved ceilings. He emphasized that the fact that prices are decreasing is essential.

However, Eurostat’s data from last week contradicts Fiala’s claims. The data show that gas prices in the Czech Republic have increased the most in the EU over the previous year.

According to Fiala’s earlier statements, this data does not reflect reality. Therefore, he summoned representatives of energy companies, the Energy Regulatory Office (ERU), and the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) to a meeting on Thursday.

“I called this meeting because the statistics showed the Czech Republic in a bad light. It was necessary to look at it so that citizens receive truthful information,” said the Prime Minister.

The result of the meeting is that energy companies will provide more detailed data to the Czech Statistical Office. “We will reach a point where our citizens will find out the reality,” said Daniel Beneš, the CEO of ČEZ Group.

Fiala also reiterated after the meeting that it had been confirmed that the government had been taking steps to prevent any significant increases in energy prices. Overall, the conference aimed to clarify the energy price situation in the Czech Republic and provide citizens with accurate information.