Czech Republic Sees a Decisive Drop in Gas Consumption: An 11% Decrease in Three Quarters

The Czech Republic has seen a steady decline in gas consumption. Over three quarters of the year, Czechs utilized just over 51 terawatt-hours of gas over three quarters of the year, roughly 11% less than the previous year. This information is derived from the statistics from the Czech Republic’s Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ). The decline in consumption was observed throughout the year, influenced by favorable weather and energy-saving measures.

In addition, electricity usage has also been on the decline, with a reduction of 4.8% over the first nine months of the year.

The decrease in gas consumption has been apparent across all calendar months this year. In the third quarter, for instance, the total decline was more than 11%, which translates to a 4% decrease when adjusted for long-term temperature conditions.

The third quarter’s gas consumption was significantly influenced by warmer weather, with average temperatures in the third quarter being 1.8 degrees above the long-term average. However, the ERÚ office also credits the noticeable decline in energy-saving measures implemented by officials, businesses, and households.

Businesses have successfully reduced gas consumption in the third quarter, with a year-on-year decrease of 34.5%. Households followed, reducing their gas consumption by more than 28%, while large-scale consumers reduced their gas usage by 5.7%.

The most drastic drop in consumption was noticed in September, where the year-on-year consumption decreased by more than a fifth. This month was significantly warmer than usual, with a deviation of 3.4 degrees from the long-term temperature average, which resulted in a later start to the heating season.

The decrease in consumption is also noticeable in the use of electricity. Over three-quarters of the current year, its usage has decreased by 4.8%, with the Czechs consuming 42.76 terawatt-hours of electricity.