Czech Republic Sets Temperature Records for Third Consecutive Day

In an unprecedented heatwave, the Czech Republic experienced temperature records being shattered for the third day in a row. Out of the 162 weather stations measuring temperatures for at least 30 years, a staggering 54 reported record-breaking heat. The highest temperature was recorded in Doksany, located in the Litoměřice region, where the mercury soared to a scorching 27.8 degrees Celsius.

According to Michaela Valachová from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), the highest temperatures will hover around 27 degrees Celsius on Friday before cooling down. “Generally speaking, the southern Moravia and Polabí regions were the warmest today. In the western Czech Republic, there were morning mists and slightly cooler temperatures during the day compared to the rest of the country. The highest temperatures there reached mostly up to 25 degrees Celsius,” Valachová explained.

Karviná registered the second-highest temperature today, with the thermometer hitting 27.7 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

Looking ahead, Friday is forecasted to be sunny, with maximum temperatures between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius, although cooler temperatures are expected in western Bohemia. Clouds will gradually increase from the west in the afternoon and evening, and rain is predicted to appear across most of the Czech Republic on Saturday.

This heatwave has undoubtedly left its mark, with temperature records tumbling and the nation eagerly awaiting some respite from the scorching conditions.