Czech Republic to Experience Above-Average Temperatures Until October

Despite the slight cooling that will occur this week, meteorologists expect above-average temperatures in the Czech Republic until the end of September. The drop to below-average values will come at the beginning of October, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) outlook.

The outlook covers a four-week period from September 11 to October 8. On Monday, tropical temperatures – 32.8 degrees Celsius in Doksany – were reached in the Czech Republic, and they are expected to continue on Tuesday. On Wednesday, a cold front will pass over the Czech territory and cool down the temperature, but high temperatures are expected to remain in this period.

“Unusually warm weather will accompany us in the following weeks until the end of September,” meteorologists said, adding that the month as a whole will end up temperature-wise above average.

However, a cooling trend is expected to come in the first week of October. Average weekly maximums will drop from 25°C at the beginning of the forecast period to 17°C in the first week of October. Average weekly minimums will drop below 10°C at the end of September.

Regarding rainfall, the dry period that has prevailed since the beginning of September will be interrupted by local precipitation in the middle of this week. “The last decade of September will bring slightly more precipitation, but even then, weekly rainfall amounts will only reach normal values. The beginning of October is uncertain regarding rainfall, but a drier version is more likely,” ČHMÚ wrote.

The monthly outlook expresses the overall character of the weather and therefore does not cover all possible fluctuations, ČHMÚ warns. The success rate of the outlook is around 75% for temperature and around 65% for precipitation. The forecast for the third and fourth weeks often approaches the long-term climatic values for the respective periods.

In conclusion, the Czech Republic is expected to experience warm temperatures until the end of September, followed by a cooling trend in the first week of October. The country will see a slight increase in precipitation in the last decade of September, but the beginning of October is uncertain in terms of rainfall. The outlook is based on current meteorological data and should be taken into account when planning outdoor activities or agriculture-related decisions.