Czech Republic to Experience Record-High Temperatures Until September

According to meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), the Czech Republic is set to experience record-high temperatures until the beginning of September. After a period of cooler weather, this week has seen a significant rise in temperatures, with the weekly average reaching extreme levels.

The forecast is for the period from August 14th to September 10th. Meteorologists have warned that while below-average temperatures marked the previous three weeks, we are now entering a period of above-average temperatures.

“The weekly period from the beginning of the second half of August will be one of the warmest since 1931. In the second half of next week (from August 21st to 28th), temperatures will gradually decrease, but the weekly temperature will remain above average. In the following two weeks until September 10th, temperatures are expected to be at the border of average and above-average values,” said CHMI.

Temperatures this week will repeatedly rise above the tropical thirty-degree mark, with Saturday predicted to reach 34 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists do not expect significant differences in precipitation in the various weeks of the forecast.

“The first forecast week will be without globally significant precipitation, but there may be heavy rainfall in thunderstorms locally. In the following weeks, precipitation will remain around the normal level, but with great uncertainty in the last forecast week. Overall, the period from mid-August to September 14th will be average in terms of precipitation,” added the meteorologists.

The monthly outlook reflects the overall character of the weather and therefore does not cover all possible fluctuations, warns CHMI. The success rate of the forecast is around 75% for temperatures and about 65% for precipitation. The forecast for the third and fourth weeks often approaches long-term climatic values for the respective periods.

This heatwave is expected to be one of the most prolonged and intense in recent history, making it essential for Czech citizens to take the necessary precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses.