Czech Republic Wakes to a New Solar Spring, Says Solar Company CEO

“The Czech Republic was a long-isolated island within the European Union regarding renewable energy sources. It was only two years ago that we began catching up with the rest of Europe,” said Aleš Spáčil, co-owner of Greenbuddies, in a recent interview. Greenbuddies specializes in planning and constructing large photovoltaic power plants for companies. Despite being a Czech company, Greenbuddies primarily made its mark abroad and only returned to the domestic market in recent years following a home-grown “solar boom.”

Spáčil rejects the idea that the country’s climate plays a role in hindering its progress in renewable energy. He points out that the Netherlands has approximately 1,100 W of installed photovoltaic output per inhabitant, while the Czech Republic has only about 230 W. Even northern Sweden has installed 2.6 GW, slightly more than in the Czech Republic.

The crux of the issue, according to Spáčil, is that photovoltaics were “rediscovered” in the Czech Republic only in 2021. Until then, the country was an island whose energy policy was incomprehensible to anyone in the European Union, including countries like Poland or Hungary. To catch up, the country must simplify its legislation further and ensure that loudly proclaimed concepts are implemented at the local government level.

Despite the challenges, Spáčil remains optimistic, emphasizing that the current situation in the Czech Republic is fundamentally favorable for investors. He believes that for the sector to develop, it’s essential to ensure the participation of private investment capital in construction. This can only be achieved if the invested capital yields a minimum profit sufficient for the investor.