Czech Snipers Win Silver at NATO Competition

The Czech snipers have achieved remarkable success by securing second place at the European Best Sniper Team Competition 2023. Competing against more than 25 teams from 15 NATO countries, they were tested in marksmanship, physical fitness, terrain orientation, and mental resilience.

The mixed team of snipers from the 43rd Parachute Regiment and the 42nd Mechanized Battalion “Svatováclavský” in Tábor demonstrated exceptional skills, with only the Finnish team outperforming them. The team from the United States took the third place.

“Our soldiers competed against the very best in their category. Only the legends from Finland shot better. Congratulations,” praised the Czech Army on social media.

The competition, which lasts for several days, took place this year at the Grafenwoehr training area in Bavaria.

Černochová: Excellent Promotion

Minister of Defense Jana Černochová (ODS) commended the Czech snipers, stating, “This is a great success for the Czech Army. This competition is highly prestigious.”

“The second-place finish reflects the high level of training and excellent preparedness of our snipers. This achievement serves as excellent promotion for our army and the Czech Republic,” she emphasized to Novinky.

Similarly, members of the Defense Committee in the Chamber of Deputies reacted with praise. “The Czech marksmen never disappoint! Congratulations on the silver medal at the prestigious European Best Sniper Team competition. This outstanding representation only proves the capabilities of our soldiers and our capable army,” wrote Josef Flek (STAN), the committee’s Vice Chairman office.