Czech Students Bully Ukrainian Classmate

A video of Czech children attacking their Ukrainian classmate has gone viral on social media. The children spat on her face, calling Ukraine a derogatory name and praising Russia. The incident happened during a school trip to Opočno, a town in the Rychnov region.

The school’s director has announced that they will take action against the students involved in the attack. The incident has sparked outrage on social media and has been condemned by Czech officials, including the Minister of the Interior and Education.

The attack has been attributed to xenophobia in the Czech Republic, which has been a long-standing issue. Former Ukrainian ambassador to the Czech Republic, Jevhen Perebyjnis, commented on Twitter that the incident was not surprising, as children often emulate the behavior of adults. The incident has prompted calls for action against xenophobia in the country.

The attack is a reminder of the importance of promoting tolerance and understanding among different cultures. It is the responsibility of schools and communities to educate children about the value of diversity and respect for others. The incident serves as a wake-up call for the Czech Republic to address the issue of xenophobia and promote a more inclusive society.