Czech Technologies and Startups are Making Waves in Hungary

Thomas Kulidakis, Právo

Czech technological firms have made their mark at the Future Cities exhibition held at the Expo exhibition center in Budapest. With the support of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Affairs, and CzechTrade agency, these companies showcased their products and services at the Union of Hungarian communities and their Czech counterparts.

One of the innovative products presented was Infraset, a device created by Antonín Koplík from Moram that recycles asphalt by melting it with heat radiation. Two people can operate the system and use recycled asphalt dust and a gas-fueled bottle that lasts 16 hours.

Another innovative product was presented by HF Servis, which showcased its products Impasol and Impaguard, which use nanotechnology. The nano-coating repels dirt and can be applied on various surfaces, such as glass or car paint.

Other Czech startups, such as Clever Farm, presented their solutions for satellite-based irrigation control, while others proposed a system for automated street cleaning.

The Czech Republic is focusing on shifting its economy from component-based production to providing complex solutions and high-value products with added value. The Smart Cities project is a prime example of this shift, as it combines IT, agriculture, and urbanism.

Czech technologies and startups have gained an excellent reputation in Hungary, and the exhibition has provided a platform for businesses to present their products and services to potential clients and buyers.