Czechs Distrust in the EU, NATO, and UN

According to a recent survey by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (CVVM), Czech trust in the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and United Nations (UN) has hit its lowest point since 2016. The survey found that only 46% of Czechs have confidence in the EU, down from 58% last year. Similarly, trust in NATO and the UN has significantly dropped from the previous year to 56% and 52%, respectively.

The survey, conducted from late March to late May of this year, also found that trust in these organizations is relatively interconnected. The survey’s authors noted that people who trust one of these organizations are significantly more likely to trust the other two.

However, the survey revealed that trust between NATO and the EU is slightly more substantial than the relationship between the EU and the UN.

It is worth noting that Czech distrust of these organizations is not a new phenomenon. Czech trust in the EU, NATO, and the UN has fluctuated. In the past, Czech trust in the EU has ranged from around 55% to 64%, with a low point of 37% in 2016. The authors of the survey attribute this decline to economic and migration crises.

The survey also found that trust in NATO and the UN has declined by 11 percentage points compared to last year. In July 2020, 67% of Czechs trusted NATO, while 63% trusted the UN. In contrast, only 36% and 37% of Czechs trust NATO and the UN, respectively, this year.

The survey’s authors noted that the recent decline in trust marks a return to the levels of trust seen in 2017. The authors also found that trust in these organizations is interconnected, with trust in NATO and the UN being more strongly correlated than trust in the EU.

The survey also examined trust in EU institutions and officials. The survey found that distrust prevails over trust for all organizations and individuals included in the survey, and the proportion of those who distrust has significantly increased since 2021.

Understanding the reasons behind this decline in trust in international organizations is essential. The survey shows that economic and migration crises have significantly shaped Czech distrust of the EU. Therefore, these organizations must address these issues and restore public confidence.