Czechs Spend More on Podcasts Than Ever Before

According to recent data, the podcast industry in the Czech Republic is showing significant growth. The average amount that Czechs spent on podcast subscriptions last year has increased by five percent, reaching 148 crowns monthly. The average length of a podcast episode has also increased by five minutes, now standing at 41 minutes. Users consume nearly 12 hours or 777 minutes of audio-visual content monthly. These insights were provided by the podcast platform Forendors, which did not specify the distribution of funds among creators and various platforms and applications.

There are approximately 7,000 podcasts in the Czech Republic, according to Dana Tržil, the author of the project Czech Podcasts. Out of these, around 1,700 have released at least one new episode this year. Most Czechs who subscribe to podcasts are loyal to a single creator. About 94 percent of the paying Czechs subscribe to one podcast, while around five percent subscribe to two. Most content is consumed in May, October, and November, while podcast listening is at its lowest in December due to the Christmas holidays.

Denisa Hrubešová, co-founder of the platform Forendors, said, “The market for paid content has still not hit its ceiling and continues to grow. The number of subscribers is steadily increasing every month.” According to Hrubešová, the average user subscribes to a single creator for approximately 303 days or roughly ten months. Podcasts are slightly more popular among women, constituting 53 percent of the user base.

According to last year’s survey, over a fifth of the Czech internet population listens to podcasts at least once weekly. The most common setting for listening to podcasts among Czech listeners is home, relaxing, or before sleep. The most common way to listen to podcasts is via mobile applications, which 58 percent of users use.

This growth in podcast consumption and spending in the Czech Republic indicates a promising future for creators and platforms.