Czechs Travel More by Air than Before the Pandemic

The Czechs have always loved to travel, but recent data indicates they now prefer to do so by air more than ever before. Despite the economic impact of COVID-19 and the high inflation rates affecting household budgets, the Czechs are not letting these deter them from their love for travel.

In the previous year, approximately 2.5 million trips were made by air, setting a new record. This figure surpasses the slightly over two million trips taken before the pandemic. On the contrary, the Czech Statistical Office reports a decline in the number of trips made by car or train.

People embarked on 2,464 air trips for stays lasting more than four nights last year, a ten percent increase from the previous year. Over the past decade, the number of air travels has surged by 83 percent. Meanwhile, the Czechs went on eight and a half million trips by car, marking a decrease of almost a million.

Interestingly, the number of people traveling by train for holidays has remained more or less constant over the past ten years. This could be due to the fact that train tickets often cost as much or more than air tickets, even though overnight train travel has its own unique charm.

With an apparent increase in the number of foreign holidays and air travel, there’s a growing trend to supplement the main holiday with a stay before or after the season. The popularity of holidays where parents take their children, and even their own parents, to the seaside is also rising.