Czechs’ Vacation Choices: Italy Catches Up with Croatia

As interest in vacationing in Croatia remains stagnant, other summer destinations such as Italy, Austria, and Bulgaria are making a comeback. However, the growing prices in Croatia have deterred many Czechs, as shown in data from the Slevomat experience portal and an Ipsos agency survey.

Travel agencies, agencies, and discount portals are currently beginning to sell last-minute offers for summer vacations abroad. While last year saw the most interest in the Adriatic and North Africa, more Czechs are heading to Austria, Italy, and Bulgaria this year. “Given that Croatia has significantly increased in price since last year, Czechs have started to prefer previously more expensive destinations such as Italy or Austria. The price ratio is now similar, so many people are heading there,” said the temporary director of Slevomat, Matěj Dvorský.

Interest in vacationing in Italy is even twenty times higher at Slevomat than before the pandemic, and for Austria, it is almost nine times. Austria attracts many Czechs due to its proximity and wide range of outdoor activities. The popularity of via ferratas or cycling in the mountains is also on the rise.

Although Croatia will probably defend its traditional primacy in the total number of Czech tourists again this year, its lead will most likely shrink again. According to statistics, the number of Czech tourists in Italy jumped to 637 thousand from 519 thousand a year earlier, while in Croatia, it fell to 815 thousand from 846 thousand in 2022.

In conclusion, Croatia and Italy are among the destinations where Czechs often drive by car without a travel agency, and they just arrange accommodation directly through discount portals or services like Booking and Airbnb.