Data Mailboxes: Ignored by Hundreds of Thousands of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons

Many business owners and self-employed persons in the Czech Republic have not utilized their obligatory data mailboxes. This practice could potentially lead to severe complications at government offices or even pose a threat to execution.

The data mailbox system made mandatory at the beginning of the previous year, has not been accessed by hundreds of thousands of businesses, self-employed persons, and various associations. “We sent out access details to roughly two million entities. Out of these, approximately 450,000 users have not yet logged in to the obligatory data mailbox,” confirmed Matyáš Vitík, a spokesperson for Czech Post, to Radiožurnál.

Without access to their data mailboxes, essential documents from government offices could be missed. The risks include overlooking tax underpayments, social insurance deadlines, and other critical information from various government departments. Eva Svobodová, the general director of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Self-Employed Persons of the Czech Republic, warned about the repercussions of not utilizing data mailboxes.

The situation could escalate to the point where entrepreneurs find themselves in execution. Authorities, including executors, can only send various calls via the data mailbox and consider them delivered after ten days. As a result, individuals could lose their right to appeal.

Interestingly, data mailboxes can be set up to send notifications of new messages via email or SMS. However, many people are unaware of this feature. Some are not well-versed in electronic communication, including senior entrepreneurs and some craftsmen who were primarily against the obligation when it was introduced.

The high number of unaccessed data mailboxes could also be attributed to incorrectly terminated self-employments. Furthermore, many individuals have more than one data mailbox.