Davy at Lhota Lake: A Popular Destination with Pricey Eats

Looking for a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by pine forests? Look no further than Lhota Lake, just a short drive from Prague. This 25-hectare lake was created by flooding a former sand quarry in 1983, and today it offers a perfect setting for water sports like paddleboarding.

The lake is 320 meters wide and 780 meters long, providing ample space for swimming and other recreational activities. The beaches are sandy and shaded by pine trees, and there are two main beaches plus a nudist beach. The area is also home to numerous food stands and restaurants offering a wide range of refreshments and snacks. However, visitors should be aware that prices can be steep.

For example, a classic langoš (a Czech fried bread topped with garlic, ketchup, and cheese) will set you back 155 CZK. If you add toppings like cucumber, sauerkraut, or meat, the price jumps to 229 CZK. A slice of fresh pizza costs 229 CZK, the cheapest hamburger for 239 CZK, and a hot dog for 120 CZK. A Nutella and fruit crepe will set you back 150 CZK if you’re looking for something sweet. And for a cold beer, expect to pay 55 CZK for a pint of Pilsner Urquell.

Despite the high prices, Lhota Lake remains a popular destination for locals and tourists. The water is a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius, and the shallow entry makes it safe for small children to play. Visitors can also enjoy a range of sports and activities, including beach volleyball, ping pong, teqball, pétanque, and minigolf. However, be prepared to pay for the privilege: renting a paddleboard costs 200 CZK per hour or 350 CZK for two hours while renting a minigolf club costs 200 CZK per hour or 350 CZK for two clubs.

Toilets are available, but there are not enough to accommodate the crowds. Many visitors to the central beach use mobile toilets near the entrance as the lines at the main bathrooms can be extended.